Strep Draggin My Heart Around…

“I know you wanna tell me goodbye…

I know you really wanna be your own squirrel…”

-Oregon to Me

So the Strep stopped me in my tracks but I’m getting close to feeling well enough to ride the ride. I have agreed to at the very least stay for Boy’s Night (Burrito and Croquet Edition) Thursday night, and why the hell wouldn’t I??

My hosts have been taking great care of me, and just being here in the Emerald State has been great for the mind. Something about being in a place that affords you a Mountain View most anywhere you might be, from the hospital to the grocery store to just walking through any neighborhood. It’s a beautiful place, but every time I look into those hills they are calling to me, and hopefully not in a mutated hill family waiting to eat me kind of way.

That’s my update for today. I suspect that a load out post will happen tomorrow as today is “tear it apart and repack it” day for the ole Vaya.

Even the view from the VA is fantastic

Delays Happen

I’ve been at my starting point for nearly a week now, a few days longer than planned and a few more days will pass before I will get out on the road. While here seeing good friends and doing birthday things I have contracted a sore throat and some exhaustion. Hoping this is just a passing illness and not Strep, and may head to a doctor tomorrow if this hasn’t gotten any better.

In the meantime I’ve been looking at the route and planning some stops, for camping, food, family, and friends. Also, it seems like I may have brought too much stuff. It’s hard to say what you are really going to need on a journey with no scheduled end, This is not time trial and there will be some extended stays in the “real world” which will require more than Lycra. I mean. I’m assuming people aren’t going to want me hanging around in bike shorts all the time but could be wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t let my poor body image dictate what others may find acceptable or not. That’s another conversation for another day though… the point is I have too much shit on my bike. Will need to figure that out.

So I’m sick, tired, and overthinking things. AND THE RIDE HASNT EVEN BEGUN YET! That’s what’s happening so far. Planned start date somewhere around the 11th or 12th of August which will still give me plenty of time to make it to visit Missoula, official stop one on this tour.


The Journey is the Destination

The journey to the destination which is the journey started a few months ago. Life came to a screeching halt and it was time to figure out what would come next. After about ten minutes of deliberation my jury of 12 brain cells came forth with the verdict:

Begin the healing process by living on the road, on a bike. No home, no real destination, just ride and live life.

I’ve spent a lifetime cycling, traveling, cheffing, grinding out heavy music, making poor life choices, and writing. Now the time has come to emulsify those ingredients, save for the poor life choices, into one hearty healing dressing with which to toss the salad of life. Wait, that may have come out wrong… yep. It did.

This is traditionally the part in a first blog post wherein the bloggist describes the future content of said blog, but who really wants to set up those pins of expectation? I say just follow along here as the story unfolds. There will probably be some recipes and sob stories, tales of the people along the trail, and pictures of cats. I love cats. We shall see how it plays out. There are also a few actual writing projects I’m working on, and you all will probably be the focus group for those uh…things.

With all that being said, welcome to the Bicyclopedia Gnomadica. Enjoy the ride.